Camp Devens, Ayer
Sunday Night

Dear Brother:-

Another Sunday has about passed again in quarentine, and I hope the last one, too. We heard this noon that we all were going to have the chance to go home this week Saturday and Sunday. I just hope so, for I'm crazy to get home, believe me. We expect our first pay to-morrow or by Wednesday sure. We had to sign the Pay Roll yesterday

I was mighty glad to get your two letters this week amd to hear such good news from you. No, we were not those, or part of those, who marched in Boston, but we are to march in Worcester on the afternoon of November twenty-fourth, two weeks from this coming Saturday.

I have not seen mother since I was home, two weeks ago to-day. Doris called a few minutes Friday noon. She was in Fred Miller's car and they brought two boys up to camp and asked Doris to come with them. She only stayed about ten minutes.

That must have been some game you had with Colby. It's hard luck you could not have trimmed them especially when you nearly scored. I am wondering how you came out with Bowdoin yesterday? The only Sunday paper up here is the Boston American and I don't bother with that.

Am pleased to note that you are able to reduce your board bill a little. Really I don't think you'll mind the time you use up doing the dishes, after a while. And it's a good way to earn a dollar and a half. The money you save this way will help pay your fare home Christmas, which is not an awfully long way off, now. Oh! I'm just dying mostly for Christmas to come around, not for anything I would get, but to be able to give my dear mother that fifty dollars. Won't that be great? I don't know what she will think or say. I trust I can be around when she receives it.

No, I did not buy a Liberty Bond on this second loan. I did not think it wise. We are to get our full month's pay this time, but here after the government is to divide it. If a fellow has a dependent widowed mother, they must allott it ($15) to her. The government sends it direct to her, and gives me fifteen dollars for myself. Those who have no dependents must leave fifteen dollars with the government during the entire term of enlistment and then get it in a lump at his discharge. I have attended to signing my allottment over to mother. Also our officers have told us for a positive fact that the state allows each widowed mother so much more in addition to the fifteen. So if everything goes all right mother will receive more than we expected. It's all a complicated thing anyway, and will work out in time.

I guess mother enjoys more or less working at Billings' as it gives her a little money of her own. She might as well do it while she doesn't overdo, and she told Doris, for Doris told me, that she would not overdo and make her boys worry.

I took a nice cold shower this morning about ten-thirty. It sure did make me step around, but I felt great after it.

Talk about luck Win, I have it, I guess. I was talking the other day with our 1st Lieutenant Lee about Jenkins, and Lieutenant Lee said that he knew "Jenks" well, that he was quite a chum of his. So, Friday night about eight o'clock, Lieutenant Lee came to me and said he had just been up to see Lietenant Jenkins and had told him about me. "Jenks" sent word back to me, that the moment I get out of quarrentine to come immediately up to see him. He sent me his telephone number, in his barracks or quarters. Lieutenant Lee told me "Jenks" seemed tickled to death to hear I was hear[sic]! I'm just looking forward indeed, to seeing him.

From Friday at four-thirty until Saturday at four-thirty P.M. I was Sergeant of the Guard. Some job! I'm quite a soldier, I am. I got through it finely, though. I don't know whether Captain Hall is a fraternity man or not, he perhaps is, but as I can see he wears no frat pin. He's a college man, surely, for he is a very prominent lawyer in Boston. His name is Stanley B. Hall, Counselor and Attorney at Law, so he must be a college graduate. He's a mighty fine man, though.

I got some nice drop-cakes from mother this week. Also the Post Office bunch sent me some cookies and candy this week, but there are so many who likes to help eat it that it don't last long.

Yes, we had some field day a week ago, but we could not go as were quarrentined. I wanted to go, too.

I should love to hear President Aley this coming Saturday but hope to be home then!

We went on a long night hike last Thursday night, but had lots of fun at it.

Well, I think I will close for this time and soon turn in. I hope you are well and getting along all right. I'm fine and dandy just at present, and hope and pray I'll remain so. I'll drop you a line a little later if I find out for sure if I am going home this weekend. Lots of love from

        Your brother,


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