Camp Devens
Monday Night

Dear Brother:-

I am going to write you to-night, but don't know how much of a letter, but then you'd like to hear from me just the same, I guess.

Well, to begin with I worked in the kitchen again yesterday (Sunday), but as a good many went away, we did not have to work hard. The Marso's and Clarence Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. Whiting, Mr. Woodhead, Doris Barnard, Mr. & Mrs. Barnard, Charlie Barnard and Donald, and Mr. & Mrs. Hutchins, all called on me yesterday in the course of the day. So you see I was not very lonesome. Autos may come into the camp Sundays now, so Mr. Barnard brought his car in and we went all over camp. I got out of the kitchen for two hours in the afternoon. Mother did not come up this time. Everything being all right, I'll be home this week-end, and then next Wednesday noon we get off until Thursday night for Thankgiving, and expect to go home then, too.

Gee! I had a tough week last week getting over that darn grippe, and think I feel pretty good now. I took a cold shower last night, and don't think I got anymore cold out of it.

I attended "college night" events Friday evening. The meeting together of the different college men took placeat the K. of C. building. I went there early and where the Maine bunch were, I stood and watched and watched for a Lieutenant who looked like "Jenks", and I failed to see any fellow that looked anywhere near like him. I was terribly disappoited. I heard several speakers, among whom was President Lowell of Harvard, but I failed to hear or see President Aley, another keen disappointment for me. Was he persent, do you know? The entertainment for the evening was held in the Y.M.C.A auditorium and over I beat it there and did not see anything of "Jenks" or President Aley. I felt so punk last week that I did not go hunting up "Jenks". But if everything is OK, I am going to try and find him Thursday night. I'm anxious to see him, but don't know how I'll act. I'll doll myself all up, and shave good so he'll get a fairly goo impression of the other "Dennett" addition.

You write you have been made chairman of the social committee. Gee! you will be well-trained when you graduate, all right. How did initiation come off? You must have a faily good sized family now, and ought to be able to run the house. Do away with sugar like we do here. That saves a lot and you get used to it after a while.

It's great Carly is with you this year, and especially your last year! Hasn't time and doesn't it fly? Friday I will have been here seven weeks. I know I'm gaining. A great lot of the boys here in our barracks have gained from six to twelve pounds already. I have not weighed myself yet, although I know I weigh a lot more.

You wrote about P.O. examination in the Hopedale office? Well, Theo Sheldon got thru in the office last Thursday. He has accepted a good job in Ansonia, Connecticut with the American Brass Co., so Elbert Marso has taken Theo's placem and Pike is temporarily takingElbert's place, which will be mine when I get back, then I;ll be a regular clerk, and the exam is for an auxuliary clerk, like I took. The old list has become exhayusted. I fear the Hopedale P.O. is gaining on the bluils[?].

We started an Artillery Drill this afternoon and it is going to be real interesting, I guess.

I guess I will close now. Everything seems to be going along the same as usual. Remeber me to Carly, and lots of love and good luck to you, from

Brother Mort


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