Camp Devens
Monday Night

Dear Brother:-

I must write you tonight before I freeze-up, for believe me it sure is cold. Well, I had some strenous week-end, but a dandy one. We left for Worcester around eleven Saturday morning, paraded for a mile and a half and then saw Tech beat the Ammunition Train 18 to 0. It was a pretty good game, but not half as good as if we beat, you know. I did not leave Tech field until twenty minutes to five and had to wait an hour in North Grafton much to my disgust, and did not get home until quarter to nine. But I had wrote ahead to mother and told her to wait until I came before getting anything to eat, and then we had "flap-jacks", and believe me, they were great. Doris B. was over to dinner Sunday, and I was planning to come back last night to camp by train as it was too cold for auto riding, but trains would be too late, so Barnard's brought me up, and I was in my barrack at nine-twenty. Now I'm anxiously waiting for Wednesday, when I go again and I guess motther is, too.

Win, I have a little news and good at that. To-day I started a four week course in an officer's school. My captain recommending me with five others. I'm tickled to pieces, just what I wanted. My course ends the day before Christmas.

I got your letter about ten minutes before I left here Saturday. Gee! you are busy aren't you? I only hope you won't overdo.

Mrs. Osgood is in Boston now for the winter and her complete address is as follows:

        Mrs. E.L.Osgood
        #221 Beacon Street
        Boston, Nassachusettes

I did not mention this to mother. I guess Mrs. Osgood is willing to give you as much as you need.

Am enclosing as you will notice three snap-shots I have taken with that new camera of mine. The barrack is mine. You will recognize the other two easily enough. I thought you would like them for your scrap-book.

There is not much more news this time. Excuse the shortness of this letter, but I'll have a longer one to write next time. Mother was fine when I was home yesterday, and I am feeling great now.

I hope you have a nice time at your house Thanksgiving day. We shall think of you. Heaps of love to you from

        Brother Mort

[More information about Mrs. E.L.Osgood]


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