Camp Devens, Mass,.
Thursday Aft

Dear Win :-

I thought I would write you a few lines this afternoon, as I have charge of quarters again today, and have some time to myself. I knew you would like to get a few lines from me by Saturday.

I suppose now you are back once more at school, and buckling down to the last final stretch of your college career. Well, Win, I do hope you can complete it all and keep well. It won't be long before June now, and then even if I'm in France, I know mother will be overjoyed if she can see you complete her great desire.

Yesterday afternoon I was out riding my horse for over an hour. It was so cold I could not stay out any longer. I am getting to like it more and more each day, but will like it better I know, when we can have our saddles.

I do hope you get elected head of the house this semester and that you can get home at least to see mother in March. They surely must appreciate you at the house, to elect you for so many things. Here's hoping things come your way, as you wish them to.

Tuesday night we had quite a fire here in camp around eight o'clock. Three barracks burned down in the 302nd Infantry. We watched it all from our windows. It wsa just over in back of our officer's quarters. You remember where I mean.

I was awfully glad that you took Dot to the entertainment Christmas night. She appreciated it, I know. I wish she would go out more than she does, but some way or other she don't seem to want to.

I hope that tonight we will be free from quarentine for good. It will be impossible for me to get home this weekend, but I think I may next weekend.

I suppose you will hear from "Jenks" soon. I'll bet he was sorry not to have been here Tuesday.

Well, Win, I guess I'll close now. I started a diary Tuesday, and am going to try and keep it every day. Lots of love to you from

Your brother Mort

P.S. Wish Carly a Happy New Year from me.


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