Camp Devens, Mass.,
Wednesday Night

My dear Brother:-

I've been trying to write you for the past three nights but something has interfered each time. I'm about all-in tonight as I got a pretty bad kick from a horse this morning. He struck my right leg and ankle and I can hardly walk without intense pain. Now don't mention this to mother, as I don't want her to worry. I'll be all right in a few days, for no bones are broken, just a good bruise. But it makes me feel rather sick.

A member of our company died in the hospital this morning, so we escorted his body to the Ayer Depot, a distance of four miles. The procession was headed by a guard-of-honor all armed with rifles, the boys in the guard being from my section. Then there were 6 Privates pall-bearers who walked three on each side of the open truck upon which rested the casket and draped with the American flag. Then came the Sergeants of the company and then the company. It was quite an honor, and was very impressive. With my foot, I went, and nearly gave up several times. Every step I took seemed to be the last, but I felt it my duty to go. That's one of the reasons that I am so all in at present.

I was glad to get your letter yesterday. Have been looking for it for several days. Say, that is great thet you are to have a commencement in the middle of May. You spoke about wishing I could come to U. of M. when you graduate. Well, I'd like nothing better. We hear that we are all going to receive a five-day furlough soon or in a month or so. If we do I think I'll keep it and take my chances on being here and using it in May to go to Maine to you. Oh! wouldn't that he great if I could work it that way.

Talk about snow, I guess you are having your share of it. But I never saw so much at once before in my life as it is at Camp Devens.

Say, but you are some guy having your pictures taken so much. I never see any of them however. But I suppose its in a group always.

I am awfully glad you are getting such high marks in your courses. I congratulate you on your recent Landscape Gardening plan. Let me hear all about your different marks whenever they come along.

Our company had some time Friday night last when we held a private dance at the Ayer Soldier's Club. During the course of this evening we presented Mrs. Bradley (who gives us the victrola and a player piano) a $50 silk American flag. I met some very nice young ladies from Groton High School, but none to compare with Dot.

Last Sunday Elwood Ward and I dined (ahem) at the Hostess House. We had a chicken dinner including apple pie and ice cream. It was a great treat.

Well, I'll close now and with loads of love and best wishes to you I am still

Your loving brother


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