Ayer, Mass, Wednesday 1918

Dear Win:-

The letter I sent you last Friday I thought would not reach you before Sunday as I sent it rather late in the week. But I guess you must have got it Monday all right.

I received your letter last night and was mighty glad to get it. I would have written you last night, but I was so blooming tired, I wrote to mother and aunt Abbie, then read some of my Testament, and then lay on my bunk for the rest of the evening. I usually go out every evening somewhere but I didn't last night!

Mr. Caffey and Charles were up Sunday and we had a nice time. My Caffey gave me two Smileage Books Sunday so that makes three I have now. I understand that the Woman's Suffrage Club of Hopedale are going to give each one of the Hopedale soldier boys two Smileage Books. So, I'll have five then, but it does not take very long to use one up. Caffey and Charles got here at eleven-fifteen and we first visited the Y.M.C.A. hut #29, then went to my barrack. From there we went to the K. of C. building and then the Hostess House where we had a roast turkey dinner. I also had two helpings of apple pie and ice cream. Oh! I'm some eater when it comes to having one's meals paid for other than by himself. After dinner we went to the Y.M.C.A Auditorium then went through the Liberty Theatre and went in back of the stage. It's wonderful. The Liberty Theatre seats thirty-two hundred people. Some place believe me. Tomorrow night up to the theater Bill Dineen, "Red" Damon, Sully, and myself are going to see "Turn to the Right". We have other nights at the theatre a fine act vaudeville by Kieth's best performers, and also two movies. Well, after looking over the theatre Sunday we walked all around the Infantry Regiments, then back by Headquarters, and then Charles and Mr. Caffey were pretty tired with walking. So we walked down to Ayer Depot where they took the 3:36 train for Worcester. I was Sergeant of teh Guard Sunday night and Monday, so I had to hurry back for Guard Mount. Monday was a peach of a day, just like summer. But in the evening it surely did rain, and yes - yesterday I had a detail digging drains to let the surplus water drain off from around the barracks. Now it is mighty cold again, real funny weather.

Well, I guess you are glad you were able to be present at and take part in your fraternity banquet. I'll bet you had one grand old time. How did you come out on your speech. In your letter you simply stated that you made good. Did you have a special topic to talk on?

I'm glad you had such a nice time Friday night at the Massachusetts Club dance, and glad to know that you have found such a good, congenial girl to have for company. What is this club anyway? Does all Massachusetts boys belong to it, and do you?

I expect to go home next week again, that is March 9th, and believe me I'm mighty anxious for that day to come again. Muster-in occurs tomorrow and then I hope they will hurry up with the money.

That twenty-four hour pass business means just during week-days and does not effect week-end passes. When I go home next week I'm going to try and get some extended time on my pass and stay home Monday.

I won't have anything to do with drilling the new men as I'm now in Headqquarters. I'm just as glad in that respect, believe me.

I rather expect Doris up Sunday, and I hope she does come. I guess I have raved enough for this time so will close. Be good to yourself, and with lots of love and best wishes to you from

Your loving brother


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