Camp Devens, Mass.,
Tuesday Night

Dear Brother:-

Less than half an hour ago I received your letter and I hasten to answer it. You just tell Carly and Crosby that I shall most certainly be at the Hostess House Friday noon, and tell them to be sure and come. It will be mighty joyful to me to see them. I shall be there soon after eleven-thirty Friday noon, and will stay just as long as possible.

Win, I congratulate you on another honor bestowed on you by being chosen on the Ivy Day Committee. It just goes to show how very well-liked you are at school. I am glad for your success Win. I only wish I was able to see you thru a post-grad course, but at present, what you have obtained up to now must suffice, I suppose.

Doris did not come up here Sunday; she has been sick with a sore throat, but is better now. I had dinner Sunday with Elwood Ward and in the evening I had supper down-town. The day was rather lonesome, but it passed after a while. This week evenings I am to be pretty busy, as I am taking a pretty hard gas course. I have to take notes like lightening and then write them out in full after the lecture. I have to attend seven lectures before I finish. When I hand in my final thesis or whatever one calss it, and if I pass, I will be elegible to instruct in "gas". So I'll have little time for a couple of weeks now to myself.

Yes, Walter Tillotson is up here now, but we are unable to see any of them as they were all put right into quarantine for two weeks during vaccination and innoculation, so they would not spread disease.

All being well I go home this week Saturday. I am looking forward to it so very anxiously as I do long to be home with mother as often as possible. Mother rather expected me last Saturday, but I was glad I didn't go as it was so disagreeable Saturday with the wind blowing a hurricane.

I received a Smileage Book from Don Caffey from Lawrence today. Was so surprised but pleased.

Well, Win I will not write anymore now, but will tell you all about Hopedale, first of the week. Now tell Carly I'll be looking for him Friday noon at Hostess House. Lots of love and good wishes to you brother from

Your loving brother

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