Camp Devens, Mass.,
Wednesday Morn.

Dear Brother:-

I won't be able to write you a long letter this morning as I must go over on the range in a few minutes, but I wanted to scratch you a few lines so you would get it before you left for Bath tomorrow, if possible. Tonight or tomorrow I will write you a longer letterm so you will have it when you come back Monday. It was great that you have that fine invitation for the three days, and it will do you a lot of good to get away from school for a short while

Last night I was up to the Liberty Theatre and saw "Twin Beds". It was great and I thought I would die laughing at it.

Am so happy to know that Cohasset is in the coast, and gee! I do hope you get the job. Perhaps mother could go there for a short stay. She must get away somewhere this summer. I do wish she could go to Nova Scotia to those people up there. I know she would have a happy restful time.

Well, I'll close now and I will have a good letter waiting for you when you get back from your visit. Have a good ime, and now with heaps of love to you from,

Your loging brother,


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