Camp Devens, Mass.,
Thursday Night

Dear Win:-

You[sic] nice, long, interesting letter came this noon, but I am absolutely unable to write very much of a letter tonight, as I am all discouraged and blue. Tonight I was transferred to Company F, the company directly in back of Company E, my old company. The whole Headquarters Detachmant is to be transferred as the Major wants all regular army men in the detachment. So I feel punk and it has taken all the joy out of everything for me. I don't care now what happens. I may try to get back into Company E again. I could cry I feel so badly. I wrote mother and Doris about it; I suppose every one at home will be disappointed in me, but I can't help it. I've done my best.

Win I'll write a real letter in a couple of days to pay for this one. I hope you have got the check from Charles for twenty dollars. He said he would send it for me this week.

Loads of love for now, from

Your discouraged brother


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