Camp Devens, Mass.,
Friday Night

Dear Brother:-

I must write you a few lines tonight, as I have neglected you terribly this week. I intended writing you yesterday, but the Rockwell girls called, so I had to show them around camp, which I was glad to do. But I do thank you ever so much for the three cent stamps for believe me, they are very handy. Aunt Stella sent me thirty stamps, too, so I'm well supplied all right, for a while. I got nine letters and two packages on my birthday, which was doing pretty well, I thought.

I am sleeping out now in one of the squad-tents and I really enjoy it, only there is nowhere to hangthings.

Never tell me that I am doing even now more than my share, for I don't feel that way. I want to do something worthwhile first before I want anyone to recognise me as doing anything. I was very glad to learn that you had a good time last Sunday up here, for it was rather a poor way to make it pleasant for you.

No, I have not done much riding this week, as I have been one of the instructors for the new recruits, Monday afternoon I did a little riding for around an hour. It's real interesting drilling new men, but mighty tiresome. I have been pretty tired nights this week, believe me.

I suppose Win, I ought to be able to write you a longer letter but there does not seem to be an awfully lot to write about this time. I am going down-street now and mail this, so you will get it tomorrow night (Saturday) if possible. Lots of love to you and here's hoping I ge home soon,

As ever your loving brother


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