Dennett, Daniel

Birth Name Dennett, Daniel
Gramps ID I0895
Gender male


Vital record says he was 1 year 17 months old and that his father was Daniel Dennett.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death [E1155] 7 November 1862 Portland, Maine, United States of America   1a

Age: 1 Year 17 Months

Cause: Croup

Burial [E1156]   Cape Elizabeth, Maine, United States of America   1a
Event Note

Record says he was buried in Calvary Cemetary in Cape Elizabeth but I've been unable to locate that cemetary. There is another cemetary nearby in South Portland, ME but it is a catholic cemetary.

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Dennett, Daniel

Source References

  1. Family Search (Mormon): Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921 [S0041]
      • Page: Vital records prior to 1892. Dennet, 1820-Doble. Image 104 of 4153