Wise, Catherine 1a

Birth Name Wise, Catherine
Gramps ID I0259
Gender female


Family of Dennett, Ephraim and Wise, Catherine [F0042]

Married Husband Dennett, Ephraim [I0074] ( * 2 August 1689 + 1741 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, Katherine [I0281]14 January 1714
Dennett, John [I0283]15 October 17161787
Dennett, Ephraim [I0260]22 July 17181790
Dennett, Elizabeth [I0285]12 June 1721
Dennett, Mary [I0287]23 March 1723
Dennett, George [I0288]1 April 1725
Dennett, Nathaniel [I0289]21 February 1727

Family Map

Family Map

Source References

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      • Citation:

        Family tree of Louise Carolyn Dennett, a cousin.
        One can start on this page and drill down to the people found in the tree.