Data from Barbara Whitney

Gramps ID S0003


Barbara researched the Whitney and Stoddard lines in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Many of the names, dates and other relationships come from her research.


    1. Birth, Whitney, Laura Isabel [E0637]
    2. Electrician [E0629]
    3. Tuttle, Rose [I0669]
    4. Death, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0664]
    5. Storer, Warren Eugene [I0632]
    6. Burial, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0311]
    7. Whitney, John J. [I0672]
    8. Death, Stewart, Richard [E0317]
    9. Whitney, Alice Maude [I0635]
    10. Birth, Whitney, Mary Ida [E0623]
    11. Death, Whitney, Alice Maude [E0645]
    12. Whitney, Mildred J. [I0614]
    13. Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0275]
    14. Marriage, Family of Whitney, William Alfred and Smith, Marion Sarah [E0887]
    15. Birth, Stewart, Anne Winifred [E0043]
    16. Birth, Kerr, Robert [E0107]
    17. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Henry Martin and Fiske, Cora [E0799]
    18. Death, Whitney, Alberta C. [E0617]
    19. Whitney, Roland Eugene [I0668]
    20. Burial, Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [E0315]
    21. Birth, Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [E0313]
    22. Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [I0627]
    23. Foreman [E0042]
    24. Birth, Whitney, John Henry [E0609]
    25. Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [I0276]
    26. Death, Stewart, Ellen [E0320]
    27. Burial, Fiske, Cora [E0608]
    28. Burial, Whitney, Almira S. [E0690]
    29. Birth, Smith, Marion Sarah [E0635]
    30. Birth, Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [E0639]
    31. Birth, Hinsman, Ruth Alice [E0648]
    32. Birth, MacLeod, Bessie [E0613]
    33. Whitney, Louise Cora [I0670]
    34. Kerr, Robert [I0059]
    35. Death, McLeod, Alexander Robert [E0627]
    36. Marriage, Family of Hinsman, Ernest Bingham and Whitney, Alice Maude [E0891]
    37. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Charles Forrest and Stewart, Anne Winifred [E0744]
    38. Smith, Marion Sarah [I0623]
    39. Birth, Whitney, Margaret Viola [E0618]
    40. Whitney, Alberta C. [I0612]
    41. Death, Stoddard, George Rufus [E0730]
    42. Burial, Whitney, Mary Ida [E0625]
    43. Stoddard, George Rufus [I0734]
    44. Death, Whitney, Henry Martin [E0603]
    45. Death, Whitney, Elizabeth H. [E0734]
    46. Birth, Whitney, Roland Eugene [E0682]
    47. Birth, Whitney, Almira S. [E0688]
    48. Retailer [E0612]
    49. Death, Fiske, Cora [E0607]
    50. Marriage, Family of Whitney, John Henry and MacLeod, Bessie [E0884]
    51. Burial, McLeod, Alexander Robert [E0628]
    52. Death, Whitney, Louise Cora [E0685]
    53. Hardware Store Owner [E0641]
    54. Teacher [E0619]
    55. Lampson, Earl C. [I0616]
    56. Birth, Whitney, John Dudley [E0599]
    57. Morse, Charles [I0691]
    58. Death, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0040]
    59. Whitney, Dorothy A. R. [I0615]
    60. Whitney, Elizabeth H. [I0741]
    61. Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [I0636]
    62. Death, Whitney, Almira S. [E0689]
    63. Produce Merchant [E0634]
    64. Marriage, Family of Storer, Warren Eugene and Vanderhoof, Faith [E0890]
    65. McLeod, Alexander Robert [I0618]
    66. Death, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0647]
    67. Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]
    68. Burial, Whitney, Henry Martin [E0604]
    69. Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0015]
    70. Whitney, Laura Isabel [I0626]
    71. Death, Whitney, Mary Ida [E0624]
    72. Fiske, Cora [I0609]
    73. Birth, Whitney, Mildred J. [E0620]
    74. Whitney, William Alfred [I0622]
    75. Marriage, Family of Lampson, Earl C. and Whitney, Margaret Viola [E0885]
    76. Birth, Stewart, Richard [E0316]
    77. Stewart, Richard [I0277]
    78. Birth, Stoddard, George Rufus [E0729]
    79. Hinsman, Ruth Alice [I0637]
    80. Vanderhoof, Faith [I0631]
    81. Death, Hinsman, Dorothea [E0660]
    82. Birth, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0039]
    83. Death, Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [E0640]
    84. Small, Lemuel [I0671]
    85. Death, Whitney, Florence Mabel [E0681]
    86. Death, Porter, Annie Merilla [E0732]
    87. Birth, Whitney, Alice Maude [E0644]
    88. Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [I0651]
    89. Marriage, Family of Small, Lemuel and Whitney, Louise Cora [E0905]
    90. Birth, Whitney, John J. [E0687]
    91. Birth, Whitney, Florence Mabel [E0680]
    92. Stewart, Ellen [I0278]
    93. Birth, Vanderhoof, Albert [E0642]
    94. Whitney, Margaret Viola [I0613]
    95. Birth, Whitney, Dorothy A. R. [E0622]
    96. Death, Vanderhoof, Albert [E0643]
    97. Burial, Stewart, Anne Winifred [E0045]
    98. Birth, Whitney, Alberta C. [E0616]
    99. Watchman [E0312]
    100. Burial, MacLeod, Bessie [E0615]
    101. MacLeod, Bessie [I0611]
    102. Whitney, John Dudley [I0606]
    103. Burial, Whitney, John Henry [E0611]
    104. Death, Morse, Charles [E0692]
    105. Marriage, Family of McLeod, Alexander Robert and Whitney, Mary Ida [E0886]
    106. Death, Stewart, Anne Winifred [E0044]
    107. Supervisor of Roads, Concord, Massachusetts [E0605]
    108. Whitney, Barbara Anne [I0017]
    109. Death, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0310]
    110. Whitney, Almira S. [I0680]
    111. Marriage, Family of Kerr, Robert and Whitney, Barbara Anne [E0754]
    112. Birth, Fiske, Cora [E0606]
    113. Whitney, Mary Ida [I0617]
    114. Whitney, John Henry [I0610]
    115. Vanderhoof, Albert [I0634]
    116. Birth, Whitney, Henry Martin [E0602]
    117. Birth, Salamone, Louis [E0650]
    118. Whitney, Florence Mabel [I0667]
    119. Death, Whitney, John Dudley [E0600]
    120. Birth, Stewart, Ellen [E0319]
    121. Burial, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0041]
    122. Birth, McLeod, Alexander Robert [E0626]
    123. Death, Whitney, Laura Isabel [E0638]
    124. Birth, Whitney, Barbara Anne [E0046]
    125. Birth, Whitney, William Alfred [E0632]
    126. Death, Whitney, John Henry [E0610]
    127. Stewart, Anne Winifred [I0016]
    128. Birth, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0646]
    129. Birth, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0663]
    130. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Roland Eugene and Tuttle, Rose [E0904]
    131. Birth, Whitney, Elizabeth H. [E0733]
    132. Salamone, Louis [I0638]
    133. Death, Whitney, William Alfred [E0633]
    134. Death, MacLeod, Bessie [E0614]
    135. Birth, Whitney, Louise Cora [E0684]
    136. Birth, Hinsman, Dorothea [E0659]
    137. Death, Whitney, Roland Eugene [E0683]
    138. Porter, Annie Merilla [I0735]
    139. Hinsman, Dorothea [I0649]
    140. Nurse [E0691]
    141. Birth, Porter, Annie Merilla [E0731]
    142. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Charles Forrest and Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [E0753]
    143. Chauffer [E0686]
    144. Birth, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0309]
    145. Death, Whitney, Mildred J. [E0621]