Whitney, Louise Cora

Birth Name Whitney, Louise Cora
Gramps ID I0670
Gender female
Age at Death 46 years, 6 months, 26 days


In data from Barbara Whitney, name is given as Louise Coral Whitney.

In data from Donald Hinsman, date of death is given as 8 Oct, 1949. http://wiki.whitneygen.org/wrg/index.php/Family:Whitney,_Henry_Martin_(1854-1930) lists this date also.

http://wiki.whitneygen.org/wrg/index.php/Family:Whitney,_Henry_Martin_(1854-1930) also give death placxe as Concord, Massachusetts

In photograph above of three infants, a sticker on the back reads:
Margaret Whitney Lamson (daughter of John)
Louise Whitney Small (aunt)
Forest Whitney (son of Charles)


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]9 June 18545 April 1930
Mother Fiske, Cora [I0609]8 February 18584 October 1933
    Brother     Whitney, John Henry [I0610] 14 December 1875 14 February 1942
    Brother     Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0275] 14 September 1877 1 July 1959
    Sister     Whitney, Mary Ida [I0617] 3 September 1882 26 July 1956
    Brother     Whitney, William Alfred [I0622] 31 August 1886 15 July 1961
    Sister     Whitney, Laura Isabel [I0626] 17 February 1889 21 December 1948
    Sister     Whitney, Alice Maude [I0635] 21 December 1890 1 January 1949
    Sister     Whitney, Florence Mabel [I0667] 9 September 1893 6 April 1957
    Brother     Whitney, Roland Eugene [I0668] 4 April 1896 1 January 1955
         Whitney, Louise Cora 12 November 1902 8 June 1949

Family Map

Family Map