Data from Donald Hinsman

Gramps ID S0018


    1. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Roland Eugene and Tuttle, Rose [E0904]
    2. Marriage, Family of Vanderhoof, Frank Albert and Whitney, Laura Isabel [E0889]
    3. Birth, Whitney, Florence Mabel [E0680]
    4. Hinsman, Ruth Alice [I0637]
    5. Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0015]
    6. Death, Whitney, Henry Martin [E0603]
    7. Birth, Doughty, Elizabeth [E0601]
    8. Marriage, Family of Whitney, Charles Forrest and Stewart, Anne Winifred [E0744]
    9. Whitney, Dorothy A. R. [I0615]
    10. Death, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0664]
    11. Death, Whitney, Louise Cora [E0685]
    12. Death, Whitney, John Henry [E0610]
    13. Thompson, Howard Frank [I0650]
    14. Whitney, Florence Mabel [I0667]
    15. Birth, Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [E0313]
    16. Whitney, William Alfred [I0622]
    17. Death, Whitney, Alice Maude [E0645]
    18. MacLeod, Bessie [I0611]
    19. Death, Thompson, Howard Frank [E0662]
    20. Whitney, John Dudley [I0606]
    21. Birth, Whitney, Roland Eugene [E0682]
    22. Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [I0651]
    23. Whitney, Alice Maude [I0635]
    24. Birth, Salamone, Louis [E0650]
    25. Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]
    26. Whitney, Alberta C. [I0612]
    27. Whitney, Mary Ida [I0617]
    28. Death, Whitney, Mildred J. [E0621]
    29. Death, Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [E0314]
    30. McLeod, Alexander Robert [I0618]
    31. Birth, Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [E0639]
    32. Death, Salamone, Louis [E0651]
    33. Birth, Whitney, John Dudley [E0599]
    34. Birth, Whitney, Alice Maude [E0644]
    35. Marriage, Family of Whitney, William Alfred and Smith, Marion Sarah [E0887]
    36. Birth, Whitney, John Henry [E0609]
    37. Marriage, Family of Small, Lemuel and Whitney, Louise Cora [E0905]
    38. Death, Whitney, Alberta C. [E0617]
    39. Stewart, Anne Winifred [I0016]
    40. Marriage, Family of Salamone, Louis and Hinsman, Ruth Alice [E0892]
    41. Birth, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0663]
    42. Tuttle, Rose [I0669]
    43. Death, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0647]
    44. Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [I0627]
    45. Death, MacLeod, Bessie [E0614]
    46. Death, McLeod, Alexander Robert [E0627]
    47. Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0275]
    48. Smith, Marion Sarah [I0623]
    49. Salamone, Louis [I0638]
    50. Birth, Whitney, Dorothy A. R. [E0622]
    51. Birth, Vanderhoof, Albert [E0642]
    52. Fiske, Cora [I0609]
    53. Death, Whitney, John Dudley [E0600]
    54. Death, Whitney, Laura Isabel [E0638]
    55. Birth, Thompson, Howard Frank [E0661]
    56. Birth, Whitney, Henry Martin [E0602]
    57. Birth, Whitney, Alberta C. [E0616]
    58. Death, Whitney, Mary Ida [E0624]
    59. Birth, Whitney, Mary Ida [E0623]
    60. Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [I0636]
    61. Whitney, Mildred J. [I0614]
    62. Death, Vanderhoof, Frank Albert [E0640]
    63. Whitney, John Henry [I0610]
    64. Death, Vanderhoof, Albert [E0643]
    65. Birth, Whitney, William Alfred [E0632]
    66. Whitney, Laura Isabel [I0626]
    67. Birth, Fiske, Cora [E0606]
    68. Whitney, Roland Eugene [I0668]
    69. Birth, Hinsman, Dorothea [E0659]
    70. Death, Fiske, Cora [E0607]
    71. Marriage, Family of Thompson, Howard Frank and Hinsman, Dorothea [E0896]
    72. Birth, Whitney, Laura Isabel [E0637]
    73. Birth, Hinsman, Ernest Bingham [E0646]
    74. Death, Whitney, Roland Eugene [E0683]
    75. Birth, Whitney, Louise Cora [E0684]
    76. Hinsman, Dorothea [I0649]
    77. Doughty, Elizabeth [I0607]
    78. Small, Lemuel [I0671]
    79. Birth, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0309]
    80. Death, Whitney, Charles Forrest [E0310]
    81. Birth, MacLeod, Bessie [E0613]
    82. Marriage, Family of Hinsman, Ernest Bingham and Whitney, Alice Maude [E0891]
    83. Birth, McLeod, Alexander Robert [E0626]
    84. Whitney, Louise Cora [I0670]
    85. Vanderhoof, Albert [I0634]
    86. Stoddard, Myrtle Helena [I0276]
    87. Birth, Whitney, Mildred J. [E0620]
    88. Birth, Hinsman, Ruth Alice [E0648]