Family of Whitney, Henry Martin and Fiske, Cora


Married Husband Whitney, Henry Martin ( * 1854-06-09 + 1930-04-05 )
Married Wife Fiske, Cora ( * 1858-02-08 + 1933-10-04 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1874-06-09 Acton, Massachusetts, United States of America   1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Whitney, John Henry1875-12-141942-02-14
Whitney, Charles Forrest1877-09-141959-07-01
Whitney, Mary Ida1882-09-031956-07-26
Whitney, William Alfred1886-08-311961-07-15
Whitney, Laura Isabel1889-02-171948-12-21
Whitney, Alice Maude1890-12-211949-01-01
Whitney, Florence Mabel1893-09-091957-04-06
Whitney, Roland Eugene1896-04-041955-01-01
Whitney, Louise Cora1902-11-121949-06-08

Source References

  1. Data from Barbara Whitney