Hanscom, Mary

Birth Name Hanscom, Mary
Gramps ID I0115
Gender female


Family of Dennett, Ebenezer and Hanscom, Mary [F0055]

Married Husband Dennett, Ebenezer [I0093] ( * 22 October 1721 + 13 March 1808 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0776] 19 July 1748     1a
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, Samuel [I0814]15 August 1748
Dennett, Mary [I0815]8 November 1750
Dennett, Abigail [I0816]12 June 1753
Dennett, Lydia [I0817]6 February 1756
Dennett, Mary [I0819]15 September 1762
Dennett, Ebenezer [I0751]31 August 176420 September 1821
Dennett, John [I0820]28 June 1767
Dennett, Anna [I0822]28 August 1769

Family Map

Family Map