Dennett, Ebenezer

Birth Name Dennett, Ebenezer
Gramps ID I0093
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 4 months, 22 days


Email from Dave Best give birth place as Sagadahoc, Bowdoin, Maine.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0153] 22 October 1721 Kittery, Maine, United States of America    
Event Note

Where did I get Kittery from?

Death [E0154] 13 March 1808 Berwick, Maine, United States of America   1a 2a
Event Note

Maine Vital Records has DOD as 18 March, 1808. Probably the correct one. Stackpole had it as 13 March


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, Ebenezer [I0078]about 1692about 1758
Mother Hill, Abigail [I0090]29 September 1687
    Brother     Dennett, Samuel [I0091] 19 March 1714 27 October 1800
    Sister     Dennett, Elizabeth [I0092] 22 October 1718
         Dennett, Ebenezer 22 October 1721 13 March 1808
    Sister     Dennett, Mehitable [I0094] 23 May 1724
    Sister     Dennett, Susanna [I0095] 29 May 1727
    Sister     Dennett, Abigail [I0096] 29 May 1727
    Brother     Dennett, John [I0097] 20 May 1730 5 December 1812


Family of Dennett, Ebenezer and Hanscom, Mary [F0055]

Married Wife Hanscom, Mary [I0115] ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0776] 19 July 1748     1a
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, Samuel [I0814]15 August 1748
Dennett, Mary [I0815]8 November 1750
Dennett, Abigail [I0816]12 June 1753
Dennett, Lydia [I0817]6 February 1756
Dennett, Mary [I0819]15 September 1762
Dennett, Ebenezer [I0751]31 August 176420 September 1821
Dennett, John [I0820]28 June 1767
Dennett, Anna [I0822]28 August 1769

Family Map

Family Map

Source References

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