Old Kittery And Her Families

Gramps ID S0013
Author Stackpole, Everett S.
Publication information Original - 1903.


Old Kittery And Her Families - Stackpole


A facsimile of the 1903 edition with a new foreword by Marie A. Donahue.


  1. Page 348
    1. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Ephraim and Waterhouse, Lydia [E0791]
    2. Dennett, John [I0064]
    3. Marriage, Family of Shackford, John and Dennett, Katherine [E0800]
    4. Birth, Dennett, John [E0126]
    5. Dennett, John [I0071]
    6. Dennett, Mary [I0287]
    7. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0285]
    8. Death, Dennett, Joseph [E0130]
    9. Peverly, Susannah [I0266]
    10. Birth, Dennett, George [E0328]
    11. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Joseph and Mead, Elizabeth [E0766]
    12. Birth, Dennett, Katherine [E0321]
    13. Dennett, George [I0288]
    14. Marriage, Family of Bartlett, Nathaniel and Dennett, Elizabeth [E0802]
    15. Birth, Dennett, Ephraim [E0295]
    16. Birth, Dennett, Amy [E0128]
    17. Dennett, Ephraim [I0260]
    18. Birth, Dennett, Joseph [E0129]
    19. Adams, John [I0251]
    20. Dennett, Amy [I0072]
    21. Dennett, Joseph [I0073]
    22. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Bartlett, Phobe [E0801]
    23. Birth, Dennett, Jeremiah [E0297]
    24. Dennett, Katherine [I0281]
    25. Dennett, John [I0283]
    26. Mead, Elizabeth [I0252]
    27. Waterhouse, Lydia [I0263]
    28. Birth, Dennett, Elizabeth [E0326]
    29. Dennett, Ephraim [I0074]
    30. Dennett, Nathaniel [I0289]
    31. Shackford, John [I0282]
    32. Bartlett, Phobe [I0284]
    33. Death, Dennett, John [E0114]
    34. Birth, Dennett, Nathaniel [E0329]
    35. Burial, Dennett, John [E0115]
    36. Bartlett, Nathaniel [I0286]
    37. Birth, Dennett, John [E0322]
    38. Birth, Dennett, Ephraim [E0132]
    39. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0327]
    40. Dennett, Jeremiah [I0264]
    41. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Jeremiah and Peverly, Susannah [E0792]
  2. Page 351
    1. Birth, Dennett, Augustus [E0407]
    2. Dennett, Betsy [I0385]
    3. Death, Dennett, Emily [E0433]
    4. Dennett, Susannah [I0076]
    5. Spinney, Abigail [I0376]
    6. Death, Dennett, Sylvester [E0418]
    7. Pettegrew, Miriam [I0387]
    8. Death, Dennett, Sarah [E0404]
    9. Death, Dennett, Joseph [E0371]
    10. Birth, Dennett, Julia Ann [E0423]
    11. Death, Dennett, Charles William [E0422]
    12. Death, Dennett, Louisa [E0435]
    13. Dennett, Emily [I0397]
    14. Dennett, Sarah [I0379]
    15. Dennett, Julia Ann [I0392]
    16. Dennett, Mark Jackson [I0394]
    17. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0419]
    18. Downing, Joshua [I0086]
    19. Paul, Burlinton [I0400]
    20. Death, Dennett, Mary [E0425]
    21. Dennett, Alexander [I0384]
    22. Death, Dennett, Mark Jackson [E0427]
    23. Dennett, Joseph [I0342]
    24. Marriage, Family of Downing, Joshua and Dennett, Susannah [E0767]
    25. Dennett, Louisa [I0398]
    26. Dennett, Mark [I0345]
    27. Dennett, William [I0378]
    28. Death, Dennett, William [E0402]
    29. Wilson, Alice [I0382]
    30. Dennett, Alexander [I0066]
    31. Birth, Dennett, Betsy [E0410]
    32. Birth, Dennett, John [E0428]
    33. Birth, Dennett, Alexander [E0409]
    34. Dennett, Sarah [I0390]
    35. Birth, Dennett, William [E0401]
    36. Death, Dennett, Augustus [E0408]
    37. Dennett, Joseph [I0377]
    38. Dennett, Alexander [I0063]
    39. Death, Dennett [E0413]
    40. Dennett, Mary [I0393]
    41. Death, Dennett, Oren [E0431]
    42. Dennett, Charles William [I0391]
    43. Birth, Dennett, Mark Jackson [E0426]
    44. Birth, Dennett, Charles William [E0421]
    45. Dennett, Sylvester [I0389]
    46. Dennett, Oren [I0396]
    47. Birth, Dennett, Louisa [E0434]
    48. Death, Wilson, Alice [E0406]
    49. Birth, Dennett, Alexander [E0118]
    50. Birth, Dennett, Sylvester [E0417]
    51. Birth, Dennett, Joseph [E0399]
    52. Birth, Dennett [E0412]
    53. Death, Dennett, Mark [E0377]
    54. Remick, Mary [I0399]
    55. Dennett [I0386]
    56. Dennett, Alice [I0388]
    57. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Mark and Wilson, Alice [E0824]
    58. Death, Dennett, Joseph [E0400]
    59. Death, Pettegrew, Miriam [E0415]
    60. Death, Dennett, Alexander [E0112]
    61. Birth, Dennett, Alice [E0416]
    62. Death, Remick, Mary [E0436]
    63. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0424]
    64. Death, Dennett, John [E0429]
    65. Birth, Dennett, Oren [E0430]
    66. Dennett, Augustus [I0383]
    67. Death, Dennett, Betsy [E0411]
    68. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0403]
    69. Dennett, John [I0395]
    70. Birth, Dennett, Alexander [E0111]
    71. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Joseph and Spinney, Abigail [E0822]
    72. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Mark and Pettegrew, Miriam [E0825]
    73. Birth, Pettegrew, Miriam [E0414]
    74. Birth, Dennett, Emily [E0432]
  3. Page 350
    1. Paul, Sophia [I0370]
    2. Birth, Adams, Mary [E0359]
    3. Dennett, Shuah [I0358]
    4. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Thomas and Fernald, Anne [E0823]
    5. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0385]
    6. Dennett, Thomas [I0359]
    7. Birth, Dennett, Mark [E0376]
    8. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Dennett, Betsy [E0820]
    9. Birth, Dennett, John [E0393]
    10. Birth, Dennett, Polly [E0384]
    11. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Hutchings, Phebe [E0817]
    12. Birth, Dennett, Thomas [E0387]
    13. Ferguson, Sarah [I0365]
    14. Death, Dennett, Betsy [E0381]
    15. Dennett, Mary A. [I0372]
    16. Dennett, Sally [I0348]
    17. Birth, Wilson, Alice [E0405]
    18. Birth, Dennett, John [E0368]
    19. Birth, Dennett, Joseph [E0370]
    20. Frost, Joseph [I0374]
    21. Marriage, Family of Dennett, William and Rice, Sarah [E0819]
    22. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Oliver and Neal, Lydia S. [E0828]
    23. Death, Dennett, Oliver [E0389]
    24. Dennett, Joseph [I0342]
    25. Death, Dennett, Thomas [E0375]
    26. Death, Dennett, Phebe [E0391]
    27. Fernald, Anne [I0353]
    28. Birth, Dennett, Benning [E0378]
    29. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0372]
    30. Dennett, Benning [I0346]
    31. Neal, Lydia S. [I0371]
    32. Death, Adams, Mary [E0360]
    33. Birth, Dennett, William [E0367]
    34. Wilson, Alice [I0382]
    35. Birth, Dennett, Oliver [E0388]
    36. Dennett, Mark [I0345]
    37. Fernald, Dorcas [I0380]
    38. Dennett, Sarah [I0343]
    39. Birth, Dennett, Betsy [E0380]
    40. Dennett, Mary [I0357]
    41. Death, Dennett, John [E0369]
    42. Adams, Mary [I0318]
    43. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Fernald, Dorcas [E0821]
    44. Birth, Dennett, Shuah [E0386]
    45. Death, Dennett, Sarah [E0373]
    46. Dennett, Betsy [I0349]
    47. Birth, Dennett, Mary A. [E0394]
    48. Birth, Dennett, Sally [E0379]
    49. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Oliver and Paul, Sophia [E0827]
    50. Dennett, John [I0368]
    51. Death, Dennett, John [E0365]
    52. Dennett, Jane [I0360]
    53. Dennett, William [I0340]
    54. Dennett, John [I0364]
    55. Birth, Dennett, Mark [E0382]
    56. Dennett, John [I0330]
    57. Dennett, William [I0304]
    58. Hutchings, Phebe [I0361]
    59. Death, Dennett, William [E0346]
    60. Dennett, Thomas [I0344]
    61. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Benning and Perkins, Hannah [E0826]
    62. Birth, Dennett, Thomas [E0374]
    63. Dennett, Oliver [I0362]
    64. Dennett, Mary [I0320]
    65. Rice, Sarah [I0347]
    66. Birth, Dennett, Phebe [E0390]
    67. Perkins, Hannah [I0354]
    68. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Ferguson, Sarah [E0818]
    69. Dennett, Phebe [I0363]
    70. Dennett, Polly [I0351]
    71. Dennett, Mark [I0306]
    72. Dennett, Mark [I0350]
    73. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Mark and Dennett, Mary [E0810]
    74. Death, Dennett, John [E0392]
    75. Dennett, John [I0341]
  4. Page 349
    1. Dennett, John [I0300]
    2. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0352]
    3. Dennett, Sarah [I0291]
    4. Birth, Dennett, Mercy [E0342]
    5. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0362]
    6. Birth, Dennett, Thomas [E0353]
    7. Birth, Dennett, Elizabeth [E0351]
    8. Tetherly, Mary [I0296]
    9. Paul, Sarah [I0317]
    10. Marriage, Family of Orr, John and Dennett, Eleanor [E0805]
    11. Birth, Dennett, Hannah [E0354]
    12. Shapleigh, Mary Adams [I0250]
    13. Birth, Dennett, John [E0364]
    14. Dennett, Eleanor [I0331]
    15. Dennett, Thomas [I0293]
    16. Dennett, Sarah [I0328]
    17. Dennett, Abigail [I0329]
    18. Dennett, Eleanor [I0301]
    19. Orr, John [I0312]
    20. Tobey, Stephen [I0332]
    21. Marriage, Family of Chase, John and Dennett, Hannah [E0813]
    22. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0347]
    23. Dennett, Hannah [I0311]
    24. Marriage, Family of Hill, Joseph and Dennett, Sarah [E0803]
    25. Dennett, Mercy [I0302]
    26. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Shapleigh, Mary Adams [E0765]
    27. Fernald, William [I0333]
    28. Marriage, Family of Adams, Joseph and Dennett, Mary [E0809]
    29. Chase, John [I0325]
    30. Dennett, Mary [I0290]
    31. Birth, Dennett, William [E0345]
    32. Birth, Tetherly, Mary [E0337]
    33. Dennett, Mark [I0306]
    34. Adams, Margaret [I0750]
    35. Death, Dennett, John [E0340]
    36. Rice, Samuel [I0323]
    37. Birth, Dennett, Abigail [E0363]
    38. Dennett, John [I0071]
    39. Marriage, Family of Adams, Mark and Dennett, Mercy [E0806]
    40. Dennett, John [I0303]
    41. Birth, Dennett, Eleanor [E0366]
    42. Hill, Joseph [I0295]
    43. Marriage, Family of Dennett, William and Adams, Mary [E0808]
    44. Adams, Joseph [I0319]
    45. Adams, Christopher [I0749]
    46. Birth, Dennett, Thomas [E0334]
    47. Birth, Dennett, Eleanor [E0341]
    48. Marriage, Family of Rice, Samuel and Dennett, Elizabeth [E0811]
    49. Dennett, Thomas [I0310]
    50. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0361]
    51. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0308]
    52. Death, Dennett, Eleanor [E0336]
    53. Marriage, Family of Dennett, John and Coffin, Jane [E0816]
    54. Adams, Mark [I0313]
    55. Birth, Dennett, Sarah [E0331]
    56. Death, Dennett, Hannah [E0355]
    57. Chase, Thomas [I0324]
    58. Marriage, Family of Chase, Thomas and Dennett, Sarah [E0812]
    59. Marriage, Family of Dennett, William and Paul, Sarah [E0807]
    60. Birth, Dennett, Anne [E0350]
    61. Birth, Dennett, Eleanor [E0335]
    62. Marriage, Family of Fernald, William and Dennett, Abigail [E0815]
    63. Birth, Dennett, Mark [E0348]
    64. Death, Dennett, John [E0127]
    65. Coffin, Jane [I0334]
    66. Birth, Dennett, John [E0343]
    67. Dennett, John [I0292]
    68. Birth, Dennett, Mary [E0330]
    69. Dennett, Anne [I0307]
    70. Dennett, Mary [I0305]
    71. Birth, Dennett, John [E0332]
    72. Death, Dennett, John [E0333]
    73. Adams, Mary [I0318]
    74. Birth, Dennett, John [E0339]
    75. Dennett, Eleanor [I0294]
    76. Marriage, Family of Tobey, Stephen and Dennett, Sarah [E0814]
    77. Dennett, John [I0330]
    78. Dennett, William [I0304]
    79. Dennett, Mary [I0320]
    80. Dennett, Sarah [I0309]
    81. Death, Tetherly, Mary [E0338]
    1. Dennett, John [I0292]
    2. Dennett, John [I0071]
    3. Death, Dennett, Sarah [E0420]
    4. Dennett, Sarah [I0390]
  5. Page 352
    1. Dennett, Ebenezer [I0093]
    2. Hanscom, Mary [I0115]
    3. Death, Dennett, John [E0159]
    4. Marriage, Family of Dennett, Ebenezer and Hanscom, Mary [E0776]
    5. Dennett, Joseph [I0401]
    6. Dennett, John [I0097]
    7. Death, Dennett, Ebenezer [E0154]
    8. Birth, Dennett, Joseph [E0437]