Dennett, Mark

Birth Name Dennett, Mark
Gramps ID I0345
Gender male
Age at Death 96 years, 8 months, 2 days


Among Mark's papers is found a record of some events in his early life, written by him.
He says: "In early boyhood I hated school, until about nine years old, when my fancy changed and I liked the school and began to stand at the head of my class. Our school privileges were very limited. I attended to nothing at school but reading, spelling and writing until I was thirteen years old; but I progressed in the old arithmetic at home under the instruction of my father and brother, to the rule of three. At thirteen years I commenced the arithmetic at school, and during the winter term I mastered about one-half Merrill's Arithmetic. In the spring of 1800, at a short term of six weeks of Grammar School, I progressed in English Grammar so that I could parse simple sentences. In September a term of Grammar School commenced, and I attended to the study of Latin, and during the winter I advanced into Virgil and Cicero. In the spring my father said that I must help him on the farm. In the winter of 1801-2, there was no Grammar School, and I mastered the last half of the arithmetic. In the winter of 1802-3 I studied Latin at home and recited my lessons once a week with Reverend William Briggs.

On October 25, 1803, my father died, and the care of the farm devolved on me, and I was thus deprived of school privileges. During the winter of 1803-4 I devoted every spare hour by day and very long evenings to the study of Greek, and in December, 1804, I received a certificate of qualification for teaching in the Grammar School from three ministers who were college graduates. Jan. 1, 1805, at the age of eighteen, I commenced teaching the Grammar School in Kittery, and excepting two or three years (when otherwise employed) I continued to do so several months each year until I was sixty years old, when my hearing failed and I declined the service.

In 1807, my mind being religiously impressed, I was baptized and joined the Christian church, of which act I never repented."

Mr. Dennett was much interested in local history, and was an honored leader in the town of Kittery. He was selectman seventeen years; deputy to the general court of Massachusetts from 1814 to 1819 inclusive, and a member of the first legislature of Maine. He was state senator several times, justice of the peace, and captain and major of the militia.


Published in the Piscataquis (ME) Observer 15 Jul 1880 p3: "Hon. Mark Dennett of Kittery, now in his ninety-fourth year, and the oldest surviving member of the Legislature of Massachusetts and of this State, is still in excellent health and retaining his mental and physical powers in a remarkable degree. Major Dennett represented his town in the Massachusetts Legislature from 1814 to 1819, and in the Maine Senate in the years---1822, 1823, 1827 and 1828."


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, William [I0304]1 February 173925 October 1803
Mother Adams, Mary [I0318]17 May 17526 March 1843
    Brother     Dennett, John [I0341] 19 April 1772 25 June 1837
    Brother     Dennett, Joseph [I0342] 24 November 1774 10 January 1808
    Sister     Dennett, Sarah [I0343] 9 October 1778 29 October 1834
    Brother     Dennett, Thomas [I0344] 25 September 1782 7 March 1840
         Dennett, Mark 28 August 1786 30 April 1883
    Brother     Dennett, Benning [I0346] 30 August 1790


Family of Dennett, Mark and Wilson, Alice [F0169]

Married Wife Wilson, Alice [I0382] ( * 22 September 1785 + 4 February 1819 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0824] 22 December 1808     1b
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, Augustus [I0383]17 October 180930 December 1811
Dennett, Alexander [I0384]10 November 1811
Dennett, Betsy [I0385]19 September 181718 November 1841
Dennett [I0386]3 February 18193 February 1819

Family of Dennett, Mark and Pettegrew, Miriam [F0170]

Married Wife Pettegrew, Miriam [I0387] ( * 12 December 1802 + 10 August 1881 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0825] 4 May 1820     1b
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, Alice [I0388]24 May 1821
Dennett, Sylvester [I0389]26 November 182230 August 1847
Dennett, Sarah [I0390]29 April 182421 February 1844
Dennett, Charles William [I0391]15 February 18266 April 1847
Dennett, Julia Ann [I0392]21 January 1828
Dennett, Mary [I0393]2 January 183022 March 1863
Dennett, Mark Jackson [I0394]22 April 183415 July 1856
Dennett, John [I0395]31 July 183612 May 1838
Dennett, Oren [I0396]9 January 183914 August 1859
Dennett, Emily [I0397]22 June 184113 February 1857
Dennett, Louisa [I0398]15 January 184417 June 1847

Family Map

Family Map

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